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Cruisers we met Cruising 2008 - 2009

Eva and Bjørn cruising the Caribbean.

NEW - Video from San Blas

NEW - and the last from this season: Video from our trekking tour to la Ciudad Perdida, Colombia.

NEW: Pictures from Kuna Yala (San Blas) and Portobelo and the entrence to Cristobal breakwater.

See also the pictures from our hike to Ciudad Perdida and the trip to Cartagena.

It is all in the picture section.

Now: Video from Cartagena

See our video:

With speed boat into the Iguazu Waterfalls - February 2014!

This season (2014 - 15) .

We have only had a short season this time. We shall leave the boat in Panama, in Shelter Bay, and go home in the middle of February. Go home for work and make plans for yet another season! Colombia and San Blas (Kuna Yala) have been our main destinations this year. And both have been great!

You may follow us on our blog and in the Pictures section..


Let's Go With the Wind!

S/Y "Tatt av vinden" is our boat. The name means "Gone with the Wind".

In 2013 we sailed "Tatt av vinden" from Oslo to Las Palmas and crossed the Atlantic to St.Lucia, where we arrived in December. This was our second ARC and the third crossing of the Atlantic.

In January we cruised the Lesser Antilles. In February and the first week of March we traveled South America. After that we cruised the Lesser Antilles and and the Spanish Virgins in Puerto Rico.  Then to Bonaire and Curacao. Then we sailed to Santa Marta, Colombia. After four weeks in Santa Marta to Kuna Yala (San Blas). Now "Tatt av vinden" is in Shelter Bay.

If you want to comment on our blog, you should write to: blog(at)tattavvinden(dot)com. Then we put the comment in the blog as soon as possible.

We have kept the web site and the blog from 2008 - 2009.





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Now: Shelter Bay Marina (Colon/Cristobal) - the last stop for this season.

 This season (2014 - 15): Curacao - Colombia - Panama.

"Tatt av vinden" in Kuna Yala.


See: Video from our trekking tour to la Ciudad Perdida, Colombia.