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Eva and Bjørn go cruising again. Let's Go With the Wind!

S/Y "Tatt av vinden" is our boat. The name means "Gone with the Wind".

This summer we sailed "Tatt av vinden" from Oslo to Las Palmas. In December we arrived St. Lucia with the ARC which started 24. November. This was our second ARC. In January we are cruising the Lesser Antilles. In February and the first week of March we travel South America. After that we are cruising the Lesser Antilles and Puerto Rico.

We look forward to spend two seasons in the Caribbean. That is our plan. Between the two seasons we intend to leave the boat in Curacao.

You may follow us on our blogYou may also find us at www.worldcruising.com.

We kept the web site and the blog from 2008 - 2009. See the menu above.

If you want to comment on our blog, you should write to: blog(at)tattavvinden(dot)com. Then we put the comment in the blog as soon as possible.